Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Starting your fat loss journey

Notice how I said "Fat loss" and not "Weight loss" they are not necessarily the same thing. Sure, odds are that if you lose fat you will lose weight. This, however should not necessarily be the thermometer of your success.

If all you're concerned about is pure weight loss, you could end up losing a lot of muscle mass and ending up just looking sickly.

This is why I don't believe that long term caloric restriction is the best path to a leaner physique. Let's look at some ways that you can start shifting yourself from being soft, flabby, and weak. To a leaner, stronger body.

1. Find a picture of a physique that you like. Look at the person's body type, height, weight, how they got that physique (if possible) and as much detail on their training and diet that you possibly can.
Note: if you're goal physique is an olympic athlete who trains 20+ hours per week, don't expect to be able to get that body with 3 hours of messing around in the gym.

2. Diet is everything. When it comes to transforming your body. Your diet will absolutely make or break your success. If you're not eating enough, you won't be able to fuel your workouts properly or recover from them. If you aren't consuming quality nutrients then your health will suffer.

3. Get a Plan. Find yourself a good training program, and stick to it. There are lots of great resources for good programs, the new rules of lifting has great programs that you can use for years. I also recommend the turbulence training program. You can also find yourself a good coach or trainer to help aid you in your training. I would not recommend trying to write your own program. You will end up only doing what you like doing, which, odds are is not what needs doing.

4. Track Your Results. In as many ways possible. Take progress photos on a regular basis, take girth measurements, use a specific article of clothing (thermometer jeans) track your workouts, the weight you lifted, how it felt, how long it took to complete the program and BREAK RECORDS.

5. Get Support. Find friends, family, online support forums, a transformation contest. It doesn't really matter who you get support from, but it is important that you get support. Your support group should be made up of people who hold you accountable, share your successes, and help you through your challenges. (Check out my recommended resources)

6. Start Now. Don't wait for Monday, New year's day or some magic day to start working towards your goals. Start right now.

In closing. If you're looking for someone to support your fat loss efforts, I am more than willing to help in many ways. Just send me an email and I can help ranging from just a friendly daily email to support you, all the way to helping you design a training and diet program that can help get you on track moving towards your goals.

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