Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diet Tips part1

Here are some diet tips that you can use while trying to achieve your goals, if they're fat loss, strength gain, or general health.

1.Be Aware of What you are Eating. One of the easiest things you can do to start making your diet effective is to move from mindless eating to being aware of what you are consuming.

2.Set Goals. If you don't know what you are working toward you are certainly not going to get there. Be sure to make your goals realistic and that they have a timeline. I like to set goals on multiple timelines. I set a goal for each day, each week, each month, and every 3 months. If your goals are loftier than can be achieved in 3 months, then set goals further out than that.

3. Be Accountable. Everything that you eat counts. EVERYTHING. Own the calories that you're eating. If you snack on something, even a bite, it counts. Take ownership of the food that you eat and enjoy it. Food should be something to be celebrated as fuel for our bodies. Not as a necessary evil.

4.If You are Counting Calories BE ACCURATE. This being said, you aren't going to be exact. Even if you weigh everything you eat, you will still be off by a small margin. If you are counting I definitely advocate weighing your food as the best way to measure. Volume measurements are rather subjective and even with the best of intentions, you can be pretty inaccurate. A good way to continue your progress is to allow for a margin of error when calculating calories. If you're trying to be in a caloric deficit, try to be under your caloric goal for the day by 50-100 calories.

5. Track Your Progress. Be consistent in tracking your progress. This can be achieved by body weight, photos (this is probably the best way to track) taking body fat measurements, tracking your workouts, using "thermometer" jeans (those jeans that let you know if you're fat or not) these are a good way to track as well. For all of these, you should worry about a trend more than an individual number. If you're trying to lose weight an individual day could be higher than yesterday's, but the overall trend should be downward.

These are a couple of ways that you can make consistent progress toward your diet goals. Stay tunes for part 2 later on this week.
(sorry about this being kind of a bland post, I couldn't get the images to show up.)

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