Monday, March 21, 2011

APF/AAPF Illinois State Meet Recap

I competed in the APF/AAPF Illinois state meet yesterday and had an absolute blast. Here is a quick rundown of how the weekend went.

Saturday morning was the weigh-in for the Sunday lifters and I had cut about 8-9lbs to make it in to the 67.5kg (148lb) weight class. I weighed in on Saturday morning at 66.2kg and was very happy about it.

I spent the rest of the day eating and rehydrating to gain all of the weight back that I had lost. (I did)

Sunday morning I arrived early to begin warming up. I got in a few light warm up sets before too many of the other lifters got there, so I was in good shape for the squat.

My opening attempt at the squat was ~125kg (275lbs) I forgot to write down my opening attempt at the squat. The lift was fairly easy. I tend to play it very safely in my opening attempts for all of my lifts.

My second attempt at the squat was 145kg (319lbs) and it came up without too much trouble.
My third attempt at the squat was 150kg (330lbs) this was 15lbs higher than anything I had ever squatted before and it seemed even easier than my previous attempt.

The next lift in competition was the bench press. My opening attempt was 77.5kg (170.5lbs) and it was very easy.
My second attempt at the bench press was 82.5kg (181.5lbs) I got the lift, it seemed moderately difficult and I got 1 red light because my butt popped off the bench a little bit.
My third attempt at bench press was 87.5kg (192.5lbs) and this seemed easier than my previous attempt.

The final lift of the day was the deadlift. I played it very safe in my opening attempt because I recently switched from conventional style to sumo style and my form is still inconsistent and questionable. My opening attempt was 130kg (286lbs) This came up fairly easily and was relatively confident that I would be able to pull a lot more.

My second attempt was 152.5kg (335.5lbs) I had lifted this much one time before in the gym. It came up very easily and I was certain that I could easily lift 15-20 more lbs.
My third attempt at deadlift I made what seemed like a large jump to 162.5kg (357.5lbs) and was a little bit nervous about the lift. It came up very easily and I probably could've lifted 15-20lbs more than this, but I opted for a relatively safe number.

I got 9 out of 9 attempts for the day and lifted more in all 3 lifts than I ever have. My total was 400kg (880lbs) which was my goal for the meet.

I am very pleased with my performance and am looking forward to training for the next meet which is June 26.

Thanks to all for following my preparation leading up to this meet.

All the best, Max


  1. Nice job!! Very impressive! Good luck with your training!

  2. Max,

    I was just wondering what your opinion is on using supplements to enhance a workout routine/exercise program?

    I use some muscle gain, and arginine extreme and I can really feel it helping me break through plateaus that I just couldn't get through without them.

    Let me know your thoughts.