Sunday, March 13, 2011

1 Week Out

I didn't do much heavy training this week at all. I set my openers for the meet and decided to switch over to sumo style for deadlifting. Here's how the week went.

Monday 3/7/11
Upper Body
Speed Bench Press
10 sets of 2
95+ light bands

Bench Press
worked up in sets of 3 to 170
then backed off to 145 for 4 sets of 6

T-Bar Row
4 sets of 8

Wide Grip Pull Ups
5 sets of 6-8

Cable Row
2 sets of 10, 1 set of 20
(don't remember the weight)

Tuesday 3/8/11

Just did some intervals.
20 minutes on airdyne bike
then about 15 minutes walking on a treadmill

Wednesday 3/9/11

Speed Deadlift
10 sets of 2
145+ short monster mini bands

worked up to a single at 315 (felt pretty good)

Sumo Deadlift
(I've never really done these before)
225x1 245x1 275x1 315x1 335x1
(cut it there, still had probably 10-15 more lbs in me)

Thursday 3/10/11

Just did some more cardio, then did a few sets of speed box squats

Friday 3/11/11
Bench Press
Bench Press
Worked up to a single at 180 with press call
(somewhere around 180 will be my bench opener at the meet)

Saturday 3/12/11

Sunday 3/13/11
Worked up to a single at 305
(my squat opener will be around 275)

Thursday I also started cutting weight for the meet. On Thursday I weighed about 156 and am cutting to 148. My diet has changed, and I'm drinking water like its my job.

On Saturday I weighed about 154 (then I sat in a steam room for about 15 minutes and weighed 152.5) I don't think that making weight should be too hard.

To give an idea of the progress I've made since the last meet, here's a video of me in December 1 week out from the meet.
and here is a video of me a few weeks ago

Thanks everyone for your support

all the best, Max

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