Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 weeks out

Alright, so I'm now 5 weeks out and this week I had some really great training. This was also my first week working with Kiefer on my diet. This diet is remarkably different than what I am used to eating, but it was enjoyable and I feel a little bit leaner. I plan on weighing myself either later on today or tomorrow and I'll post my weight later on.

Training Monday 2/7/11

Speed Bench
10 sets of 2 with 45-60 seconds of rest (all reps lowered under control and done explosively)
105lbs+average bands

Military Press
65x5, 80x3, 90x1, 95x12
I'm seriously considering dropping military press and doing something a little more explosive. Perhaps I'll use cleans or snatches

Wide Grip Pullups
5x5 bodyweight+10lbs
I really need to work on these. My back is definitely a weak point for me.

Cable Row 
2 sets of 4 at 150. 2 sets of 8 at 120. 1 set of 20 at 85.
At this point my back was fried.

Stability Ball Plank
3 sets to failure

Lateral Raise 
3 sets of 10 at 22.5lbs

Bicep Curls
3 sets of 10 at 30lbs

(sometimes you just gotta do some curls)

Tuesday 2/8/11
No weight training, just did intervals on an airdyne bike.
30 seconds as hard as possible
60 seconds less hard
for 20 minutes

Wednesday 2/9/11
Went to Right Fit to get in a deadlift workout.

Speed Deadlift 
10 sets of 2 with 45-60 seconds rest 145+short light band
( this was the first time I had ever used a deadlift platform and it took way too long to figure out how to use it)

165x5, 195x3, 225x1, 245x18 (no straps) 285x1

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat
 5 sets of 5-6 reps with high box

Glute Ham Raise Back Raise 
4 sets of 10-12 against short red band

Face Pull 
5 sets of 10 (don't remember what weight I used)

Swiss Bar Bent Rows 
5 sets of 10

Thursday 2/10/11
I wasn't able to get in my interval training.

Friday 2/11/11
At Right Fit with Team Stone for a bench press workout

Bench Press 
85x5, 105x3, 120x1, 130x20, 160x1, 175x1 (I missed this at my last meet and it went up really easy this time) I then put on my bench shirt and tried for 225 and missed it. We lowered it down to 135 and just got a feel for what benching in my shirt is like.

Dumbbell Bench
5 sets of 10 with 60lbs (done with a slower tempo and paused at the bottom)

Dumbbell Bent Row 
5 sets of 10 with 40lbs (this was too easy I'll go heavier next time)

Prowler pushes 
5 40 yard trips with 1 45lb plate on each side

TRX Row 
5 sets of 10

TRX Fallout 
5 sets of 8

Saturday 2/12/11
Just did some barbell complexes it went like this
6 stiff legged deadlifts
6 hang cleans
6 push presses
6 squats
6 good mornings
6 rounds of this adding 10lbs each round (starting with an empty barbell)

Sunday 2/13/11
Great squat workout
115x5, 140x3, 165x1, 175x19, 245x2, 275x1, 305x1

Good Mornings
3 sets of 8 with a pause at the bottom 145lbs

Box Squat
10 sets of 2 145 with green bands (I don't know how much tension)

Prowler/ Farmer Carry superset
6 40 yard trips each