Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts of Every Level

Christmas is quickly approaching and some of you may be overwhelmed with what to get somebody. Well, if they like to workout, are an athlete, or your run of the mill gym rat. Here's some ideas of what you could get them.

1. Kettlebell

Everyone and their mother has gotten on the kettlebell bandwagon. Help them out by getting them one of their own. They can keep it in their house or car to do some nice strength or conditioning work at any time. For women I suggest you start in the 8-20lb range and men in the 15-45lb range. If they are experienced go heavier.

2. Vibram Five Fingers

These shoes are great for walking, weight training, rock climbing, and just being awesome in general. If somebody knows their European shoe size that is generally a pretty good match for their vibram size. If they don't, I would suggest a gift card or a pair that is definitely exchangeable.

3. GymBoss interval timer

These are awesome for timing intervals, or timing really anything. They are programmable and convenient to bring along to the gym.

4. Kitchen Scale

Make sure these are accurate to the mg if you can. I recently got one myself and they make cooking and baking far easier.

5.Battling ropes

These are awesome for intervals, pullups, and lots of other things. If you have about 10 feet of space you can turn it into a great conditioning workout.

6. EliteFTS gift card

If you are shopping for somebody who likes lifting heavy you can be guaranteed that they want something from this website.

7. Foam roller

If you aren't currently using one of these. You should be. There are some options of size and density. Start light. If your gift recipient already is familiar with these, you can go with a denser model.

8. Jump Stretch Bands

These are very versatile and available in lots of different tensions. You can use them for rehab work, varied resistance with exercises and a bunch of other things.

9. Subscription to Alan Aragon's Research Review.

If you're looking for a nerdy gift. This is it. This research review is published monthly and covers lots of varied topics pertaining to training and nutrition.

10. The New Rules of Lifting (any one of the 3)

For the beginner or somebody who has not trained seriously this is a very well written book with months of programming.

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