Friday, December 10, 2010

Diet and Training help

   Many of you out there may want some help when it comes to reaching your goals for body composition, health, strength, and general fitness. (gift hint)

          If you are looking for some guidance, I am here to offer different ideas and options for diet and training program design.

1. One time diet design.
    This is the least costly option. This entails a thorough assessment of your current diet and a one time diet recommendation personalized around your current diet and goals. This also includes one week of available phone and e-mail consulting to answer any questions or concerns regarding the diet.
        This option costs $50.00

2. Four week training program
    This is the least costly option for training. This includes an assessment, 4 week program design and four weeks of phone and e-mail consulting available to answer any questions or concerns regarding the program.
       This option costs $125.00

3. Twelve week training program
     This is the next option for training program design. This includes three four week blocks of training that can make a big difference in your physique and get you well on your way toward your goals. This includes three assessments (one every four weeks) and ongoing support throughout the 12 weeks that I am working with you.
       This option costs $300.00

4. 4 week diet plan
    This option includes a four week diet with current nutritional assessment and ongoing support and advice throughout the four weeks.
     This option costs $150.00

5. 12 week diet plan
     This option includes everything that you get with the four week diet plan extended to twelve weeks. This is a great option for someone who has a deadline to reach their goals.
    this option costs $300.00

6. 4 week training program and one time diet design
   This option combines the four week training program design and one time diet design.
     This option costs $160.00

7. 12 week complete diet and training program design
    This includes both training and diet design for 12 weeks. This includes 3 assessments and  all ongoing support for the individual for the twelve weeks. This is the ultimate package for an individual for any fitness and physique goals.
    This option costs $500.00

Any of these can be combined to help you reach your goals. If you are interested please contact me at